PAK - Secret Curve (CD) - Tzadik

Ron Anderson's PAK - Secret Curve -  More than two years in the making, no guitar, no voice, powerful, complex and filled with unpredictable avant-rock surprises.  For this recording PAK is Ron Anderson - bass  Keith Abrams - drums  Tim Byrnes - trumpet and keyboards.  With Special guests Anthony Coleman - piano  Jerome Noetinger - electronics, tape manipulation  Eve Risser - piano  Tom Swafford - violin  Stefan Zeniuk - clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, english horn.

 From the Tzadik website: "Ron Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist intuitive music maker whose compositions, bands, collaborations and solo projects combine heavy rock intensity with improvisation and a level of compositional complexity rarely matched. For his third CD with his band PAK, he has avoided the electric guitar and orchestrated a rich and orchestral sound with keyboards, strings, horns and electronics. One of the most maddening releases he has ever created, Secret Curve is mind blower, and one of Ron's masterpieces. Featuring some of the best players out of the downtown scene, it is a brilliant new direction for this brave musical explorer who has worked with artists as diverse as Elliott Sharp, Sun City Girls, Otomo Yoshihide, James Chance and Haco."  label - Tzadik

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