PAK - Motel (CD) Ra Sounds - Sold Out - available only as a download or CDR

PAK - Motel - PAK has a great new drummer on this recording, Keith Abrams (you know this if you have been lucky to catch a gig in NYC or have seen us on tour). Jesse Krakow on bass (who also works with Gary Lucus and his Captain Beefhart project Fast n'Bulbous and Time Of Orchids) and Keith form one of the most amazing rhythm sections I have ever heard. Many of the parts on the new PAK CD were written expressly with the idea to let these musicians fly!

There is also an array of special guests.  First ( from Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum) Carla Kihlstedt plays violin.  She recorded with The Molecules back in the California days, and can finally be here on the new Friends CD.  Needless to say Carla really burns it up on Motel.   There is also Tim Byrnes on trumpet.  Tim plays with the Friendly Bears (another New York band you should check out.)      
Stephen Gauci and Ross Bonadonna (Eric Mingus band) each make an appearance and do some great playing on their saxophones.

Even though for me, the most important thing on this CD is the disjoined avant-rock compositions. (Yes, I'm still working with crazy odd times like 13/8)  I guess I should tell you that my guitar playing on Motel is not too shabby, but well, OK, pretty damn great.  label/Ra Sounds

 "Punctuated by vocals this is really an instrumental record, and shows the tremendous skills of all involved. The interplay between the trio is incredible, and the recordings are so sharp that nothing is missed."  Squidco

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