PAK - The Ashfield Sessions (CDR) - Ra Sounds Edition of 150

PAK - The Ashfield Sessions - 43 minute CDR is a rough demo of some of the music on Secret Curve.  This is a limited Edition with only 150 hand numbered copies made for the 2008 European Tour.  Ron Anderson - bass and voice, Keith Abrams - drums, Tim Byrnes - Trumpet and Voice. Only a few copies left.

"Pak, live 3/28 at the Stone, was quite a show. The newly formed version of Pak might have left some wondering what would happen without Jesse Krakow, but the new line-up shows that this isn't an imitation of the old, but a wholly new thing. Varying amounts of frantic, synchronized playing (as expected), more ambient noise pieces (less expected), some nice established grooves (think parts of L'Hotel Plastique), chess references, keyboard sounds that brought back memories of Mr Bungle's first album, some synchronized sax and trumpet playing, a nigh-hardcore song in Spanish, an amazing drum solo in a time signature that felt like it might be 29/16 or 31/16, and equipment emitting an interesting plastic smoky smell made for a memorable night. The new Pak has a tendency to fall into grooves more easily than the old (Ron is a bassist now!), which makes for a different sound - not a bad thing at all." - Alex Lozupone

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