Ron Anderson and Jason Willett - Be The First On The Block To Eat The Snake(CD) Ra Sounds

Imagine if you can Joe Meek and Merzbow locked in a dusty old recording studio for a week with Sun Ra shaking his head, smiling, but then nodding with approval. Well, of course that will never happen but, Jason Willett (Megaphone Records, Jad Fair) and Ron Anderson did immerse themselves in a Baltimore studio with dozens of instruments and with the help of some friends produced this CD. At times almost pop music, other times more abstract rhythmic out rock, always fun. You need to eat the snake! "Recommended for spaced-out teens, or for aficionados of extremely avant garde noise-rock" Duncan Glenday - Sea Of Tranquility (Note: that there are 40 signed by RA and Jason Willett, numbered copies available only from this website)

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