The Infusion - Infusion CD 33revpermi - Unavailable

What happens when a musician from North Africa adds electronics to his acoustic guitar and develops an interest in free improvisation and the avant-garde of Europe? What would it sound like if he teamed up with two "Rock" musicians with similar interests, one from Europe and one from North America?  The answer is this CD. Camel Zekri on acoustic guitar and electronics who now lives in Paris, a descendent from generations of Algerian musicians. He saw a similar link between the free improvisation of Europe and the traditional music of Africa. Forming Festival de l'Eau (see The Wire magazine Feb. 2002) he brought Europeans to Africa to make some new and unrehearsed music. But Camel is just one third of the story of  The Infusion. Olivier Paquotte is a Bassist who lives in Nancy, France who uses the Bass more for it's sonic capabilities than it's rhythmic. Using feedback, distortion, a slide on the strings, he gives the instrument a wide range, sometimes like a guitar, sometimes like a drum. Likewise Ron Anderson gets many unusual sounds from the three instruments he plays on this recording. Trumpet through echo and other effects, drum machine played in real time with real fingers, and electric guitar blending and working together in rhythm with the other two musicians. Improvised live in the studio in Vandoeuvre, plus excerpts from concerts in Paris and Lille makes this an all French recording from the label/33revpermi.

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