The Molecules - Friends (CD/CDR) Ra Sounds

The Molecules - Friends.   This 2-pack contains a 68 minute CD of unreleased new music and a full length DVD of video performances of all three versions of the band.  In 1997-98 Ron Anderson, Thomas Scandura and John Shiurba recorded and assembled a huge amount of work for a triple CD called Complete Self Indulgence that was never released.  The music was one third composed "songs", one third studio improvisations and one third live recordings from European and USA tours.  These recordings have been edited down to one powerful CD called FriendsFriends is mainly the composed "songs" and should prove to be one of the most challenging avant- rock recordings ever made.  At times tonal and melodic, but most other times atonal with odd tempo time signatures or even non- rhythmic parts that still seem somehow to have a groove, all performed with a "rock" attitude.  There are also some great performances by some special guests. Carla Kihlstedt from Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum (who also plays on the PAK Motel CD) plays on several tracks.  Aurora Rising, also on the CD, makes very good use of her training as a modern classical singer as well as an improviser.  Jason Willet mixes some improvised tracks recorded with that famous Megaphone Baltimore sound.  Friends is the tightest, most out, weirdest, avant-punk, prog, improv, noise - one hundred percent MOLECULES!

This project was started when Thomas Scandura got The Molecules video archives from Ron Anderson and spent many hours going through dozens of performances from 1990 ~ 1997.  The best and/or most interesting are found on the DVD, including performances with the three different bass players - Chris Millner, Ryo and John Shiurba.

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