The Molecules - Morokyu (CD) Sento - Sold Out

This Japanese import CD contains some of tightest playing from the original trio. The music production has become more sonic and experimental. The original artwork includes a full page comic illustration by Eye Yamatsuka. "Extensive post-production and tweaking has been applied, not to craft a smoother piece of product, but quite the contrary, to exploit and exaggerate contrasts"..........." this may just be the great Faust/Minutemen fusion epic The Molecules were born to make." BOSTON ROCK  " The songs on this CD are even more impressive than what I heard three years ago when we played together." SEIICHI YAMAMOTO of BOREDOMS   label/Sento   Sold out  I have the some of the original unfolded artwork with Eye's Illustrations -  sold with CDR copy.  Email me to order.

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